Magnified Nit



  • Nits (the eggs of the head louse) are small yellowish-white, oval-shaped eggs that are "to the side of a hair shaft glued" at an angle
  • Nits must be laid by live lice. You cannot "catch nits." Head lice cannot jump or fly!
  • Having head lice does not mean you have poor hygiene, in fact they tend to prefer clean hair.
  • You cannot get head lice from your pets, nor can you give it to them. 
  • Some lice are now resistant to over-the-counter lice treatments.
  • Certain lice shampoos contain pesticides that can be absorbed by the scalp.
  • You cannot wash away lice in the shower or drown them in the pool.
  • 99% of head lice infestation is started with head to head contact.
  • There is not yet a product that can kill lice eggs (nits).
  • Manually removing ALL of the lice and nits from the hair is still the BEST lice treatment.
  • Nits will not hatch once they are away from the warmth of the head.


Can you get lice from being outdoors?
Pediculus humanus capitis, also known as head lice, have no other known habitat than the human head. They will feed on a host every 3-4 hours. They can only survive for about 24 hours without blood after falling off of the host. They cannot survive on any other areas of the body but the head and cannot be contracted from animals to humans or vice versa.


How do people get head lice?
Lice is very much like the common cold in the sense that it is passed around by human contact only. Because the louse (singular for lice) does not have the ability to jump or fly, you have to have direct head to head contact with someone who currently has lice. Most experts agree that it only takes 10 seconds of head to head contact to transfer head lice since a louse can travel up to 23 cm per minute. You can also contract lice from someone if you are sharing items that touch the head, such as a hat, hoodie, brush, helmet, pillow etc.

How do I know if I have head lice?
Most people experiencing itching although some people are not sensitive to lice and don't itch at all.  Any redness along nape of the neck can also be an indication.

Will an Over-the-Counter Work for Nits?

Lice Shampoos will not kill or get rid of the Nits.  Nits and Lice must be manually removed.