All Natural Lice Removal in Ventura

As a mother of two young boys I understand the frustration parents experience when dealing with a head lice infestation and the ineffectiveness of over-the-counter Lice removal Products.

Wittty Nitty was launched inspired by the fact that The $100 million dollar a year pediculicide industry is not only growing every year but the over-the-counter treatments parents resort to is 80% Ineffective.

 We believe that using 100% Non-Toxic and pesticide-free Products that contain only Natural Ingredients in conjunction with Manual Lice and Nit Removal techniques is far superior to using over-the-counter Toxic Shampoos.

 We hope our experience and knowledge can help families through their lice frustrations while simultaneously educating them in proper steps towards identification and prevention.   Witty Nitty is able to help parents safely eliminate head lice using non-toxic, pesticide-free products and professional combing to ensure the removal of all nits and lice. We pride ourselves not only on an unmatched level of expertise and service, but also on our commitment to doing business with integrity. It is this level of professionalism and dedication that clients can rely on when choosing Witty Nitty.